It may be something that hits close to home or it may take place halfway around the world. The fact is, it doesn’t matter where, when or how—if it threatens the welfare and survival of Jewish people, Jewish Federations are there.


We can connect people to Jewish life, community and Israel. We can fight threats to Israel’s legitimacy through education and mobilization. We can support a renaissance of Jewish life and inspire the next generation of Jews locally and worldwide. We can care for people in need. Your generous support makes us the Jewish people, stronger, healthier and more secure.


We’ve set a goal of an 18% increase for this year’s Annual Campaign 2017. Please consider an increase to your gift to help us support programs and services and take action when we are needed – here in the Merrimack Valley, in Israel and in other countries around the world. Thank You!

Your Community in the Merrimack Valley, Israel and around the world asks for your support to care for people in need, to foster Jewish life and to build a strong future.

Please Live Generously.


It is important to me that we maintain a vibrant Jewish Community. One way to achieve that, is to sustain and grow our Jewish Federation.


I give to the Federation because I see it as the single most important nexus for all Jews in the community. When I interview potential grant recipients at allocation hearings or see the success and scope of our PJ Library Program, I am inspired to keep that going.


I think that investing in the Federation is insuring the future of a Jewish Community in the Merrimack Valley.


Shelly and Ed Rainen

I choose to support and give to the Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation as part of my desire to give back to the local community, and in particular, the local Jewish community. I feel it is my responsibility to provide not only financial support to the Federation, but also my time and effort to advance the great works that the Federation performs. I feel that the MVJF helps to foster a vibrant Jewish community and I want to be part of that. 


A central mission of the Federation is to support those in need. This includes local organizations that benefit the local Jewish community, the State of Israel and humanitarian relief efforts. Equally important, I want to help build our local Jewish community through programming designed to educate and inspire, and to get more people involved. By getting involved, I feel I am part of something that helps to bring an important segment of our population together.


Joe Marrow

Many years ago the Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation literally saved our Hebrew School by providing a grant. It was then that I learned what the Federation did. I thought - Wow what a great organization - I have to give back to them so that they can continue to support the local and overseas Jewish communities. The MVJF is about helping people, fostering community, providing a unified voice. We are stronger because of the MVJF. Every year I see us getting stronger, clarifying our vision and it is OUR MVJF in every sense of the word OUR. But we need everyone to contribute to maintain and increase our strength. I hope you will join us.


Richie Fink and Cheryl Rothstein