Hello Jewish Film Lovers!


The MVJF Film Club is pleased to invite you to join our next "Sequester Series" beginning August 3, 2020.


There are 8 films in the Series. We meet via Zoom every other Monday night at 7:30 PM. About a week before each 'Get Together' you will receive an announcement of the upcoming film, a zoom link and special viewing guide. The guide will include information to place the film in an historical or topical context; details about the screen writer, director or actors; and a series of questions to ponder while watching the film.


-       All films will be available on either Netflix or Amazon Prime, or in some instances through both – be careful to check prices.


-      Our next session of 8 films will begin on Monday, August 3. It will include films from Israel, Great Britain and the U.S. The series has comedies and dramas, some current - some recent - and some classic. The subject matter explores a Sephardic Jewish community, Israel-Palestinian relationships, Anti-Semitism, Black and White stereotypes, Coming Out Gay, Challenges of falling in love while living with autism, ‘Jewish’ music, and a very righteous Gentile. We think this selection will offer some laughs and lots of relevant topics to explore together. Nothing too heavy because it's summertime!


-       We hope you will consider a donation of $36 per household to the MVJF to join our next Sequester Series.

You may send a check to:

Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation

c/o Mindlin

10 Marwood Drive

Andover, MA 0181


  • Feel free to invite family and friends to join this program.

It can be accessed from near and far!


Any questions? Contact Laurie Tishler Mindlin




Please help us by mailing your donation.